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I am over the moon to share Sex Positive Mama with all of you.
This seedling of a dream began in July 2019 when I intuitively felt that my toddler was at the right age to start sex ed at home. I have a Masters in Human Sexuality, but more than that, I remembered my own experience learning — well, not learning! — even the basics of agency, consent, body parts and body autonomy.
Maybe, like me, you’re determined to give your kids the tools and tactics you never had. Maybe, like me, you feel uneasy, unequipped and unsure about how to do it.
My goal is this: to share the journey with you. The highs and lows, the mess-ups and freak-outs, the missed opportunities and small victories, and everything in between. If I can do this, so can you. Together, we can build a community of informed, empowered parents raising informed, empowered kids. Together, we can be a little bit nervous AND a little bit brave.
This site is still in the works and I hope you can take a look at my curated book store below. I am so excited to start this journey with you.
- Michal

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About Michal

Michal Naisteter is a trained sex educator, professional matchmaker, and Sex Positive Mama to her own kids. She is creating a curated list of books that you can add to your home library. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Penn State University and a Master of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University.



Michal's insights and positive energy make it so much more comfortable to talk about sex, both in the class itself and afterward with our kids.


Parents, despite our best intentions, are thrown into raising children with no idea how to actually do good parenting. Reading about things like sex-positivity is helpful, but there is no substitute for being able to work through these difficult topics — and so much (often misguided) ingrained attitudes towards sex and sexuality — with other parents. Michal is a thoughtful, smart, caring guide in this journey, and even the most progressive-minded parents can benefit from the kind of conversation Michal facilitates.


We enjoyed your classes and think every parent will find value in your course. Your course allows parents to have an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on how they can ensure their child grows up with a positive self image and the ability to have open, honest dialogue regarding sexuality, bodily autonomy and beyond.


Education is so important! This course helps educate parents and helps parents educate their child/children. I am passionate about doing whatever we can to prevent abuse of our children. A few important ways for pediatric sexual abuse prevention are educating children (educating ourselves first is essential!), believing them, normalizing the usage of proper anatomic terms and feeling comfortable (education is important here to!) discussing all anatomy with children...actually everyone 😉!


A fun, high energy, informative way to learn about a usually cringeworthy topic! The interactive elements were highlights, including the use of quick breakout discussions which enabled me to actually feel like I got to know people (very rare for an online course).


Michal’s series of anti-classes were informative, fun and challenging. As a parent to 3 young boys, I want to be knowledgeable about how to talk about sex- not just once. But a conversation over time. The topics that interested me the most were consent, orientation and self touching. It was also fun interacting with other parents who are also interested in learning more about sex positivity.

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