Welcome parents, caregivers, friends & friends-to-be!

I am over the moon to share Sex Positive Mama with all of you.

This seedling of a dream began in July 2019 when I intuitively felt that my toddler was at the right age to start sex ed at home. I have a Masters in Human Sexuality but, more than that, I remembered my own experience learning — well, not learning! — even the basics of agency, consent, body parts and body autonomy.

Maybe, like me, you’re determined to give your kids the tools and tactics you never had. Maybe, like me, you feel uneasy, unequipped and unsure about how to do it.

My goal is this: to share the journey with you. The highs and lows, the mess ups and freak outs, the missed opportunities and small victories, and everything in between. If I can do this, so can you. Together we can build a community of informed, empowered parents raising informed, empowered kids. Together we can be a little bit nervous AND a little bit brave.

This site is still in the works, and I have plans for webinars, anti-classes, coaching and much more. Stay tuned and follow the gram because there will be so much more to see! I am so excited to start this journey with you.

- Michal

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